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Once having made input fpr page layout in the upper section you may start building your template by declaring the order of the elements.

Templates do take apart content from changeable Content. By so called Pipes { ....} as for example the { CONTENT } which shows up the main section. The system will carry over all the database based storage into your Site. Templates stay fixed and do not change. Thats the CMS standard nowadays: Separtaing Content from Design. phpwcms will rule the XHTML-Code output for your website.

by using templates pple without knowledge of programming are able to create and drive Internet Sites. The Base template you will define areas for HTML -Header and Content. <strong>Make shure  to see the difference between HTML Header and site header.

To create a new template :

*click* an ADMIN in top navigation Backend
choose template in the left side menu

here we go !

Article created: Wednesday, 17. November 2010
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011