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Administration of your own profile

Profil bearbeiten

In the profile settings the personal settings of every backend user can be adjusted.

For security reasons the password should be changed regularly, in minimum all 2 months. Please don't use words that can be found in dictionaries of any language or dialects. Instead use combinations with numbers and letters.

he field email should contain a valid email address, because the system send all changes to this address. This address is only visible for backend users and not for spambots.

The most important setting in Profiles is the language. Please choose here your most used language and save your settings. From now the backend will be shown in your selected language at every login, it doesn't matter which language the dropdown field at the Login Page contains.


Using the item "WYSIWYG Editor" you can decide whether you want to work with a WYSIWYG editor and if yes with which one..

You can choose

- WYSIWYG editor disabled (None of the shown editors will be used).
In this case the CP "HTML" will automatically be used.


- FCKeditor (Standard after the installation)

Below you can find a selction menu containing "phpwcms_default" as a standard. With this Selection you can define the functionality of the editor.
In the following you will find some screenshots with some settings.


Selection: FCKeditor: phpwcms_default
Selection: FCKeditor: phpwcms_basic
Selection: FCKeditor: Default
Selection: FCKeditor: Basic


Selection: SPAW2: toolbarset_standard
Selection: SPAW2: toolbarset_all
Selection: SPAW2: toolbarset_mini

Article created: Tuesday, 24. July 2007
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011