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set-up and administration


sitestructure overview after installation

phpwcms enables your to set up your entire site structure by adding different categories to a tree structure. After logging into phpwcms, clicking on ADMIN will take you to the site structure overview. After installing phpwcms you will find only one entry: „Home“, which is your home page. On the right you will find 6 icons that help your to edit your site structure.


Disabled icons are displayed faded like this  . However, this is mainly the case for the Home category. „Home“ cannot be deleted, therefore  is not available for this item.

Icon Description
Add a new category to the site structure
Cut the category and paste it at a different place
Copy and paste the entire category (available only with updated version 1.1- RC4 27.08.2004_A, including Patch 1 and Patch 2)
Edit existing category.
|                   Move category up or down within the site structure.
Delete this category. Note: There is no Trash available but a category can be restored in the database via phpmyadmin.
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Article created: Monday, 17. January 2005
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