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The functionality of phpWCMS further can be expanded through the characteristic Module. In the current version (1.1 RC 4), the Graphical Text MOD of Jérôme Gamez in the system is integrated. To use this module it explicitly must be activated in the (include/inc_conf/) conf. inc. php

$phpwcms["gt_mod"] = 1;  //0 = Graphical Text MOD disabled, 1 = enabled 

Because phpWCMS is still in a stage, at which the internal construction of the system is still being modified it is advised that you wait with the development of your own MODs until the next version. Consider also that your changes to the system can make future upgrades to a newer system difficult.

Please visit the official MOD list at the phpWCMS forum. Please note that we describe in this documentation only modules that are included as part of the current phpWCMS version! 

In the following the Graphical Text MOD will be explicitly described. If you would like to create a modul by yourself, please read this.

Article created: Thursday, 23. September 2004
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011