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Newsletter Subscription

Set up a Newsletter

Before you can offer a newsletter you have to set it up first. Klicken Sie dazu auf Click for that on "newsletter subscriptions” and than on “add newsletter subscription“ than you come following screen:

You see than 2 input fields.

Name: Type in here the name for the newsletter.
Info: here you can type in some informations about the newsletter,

Click on „save subscription“ . you save the entries.
to cancel, click “Cancel”.
If you click again on „newsletter subscriptions“ you will see the name of your newsletter. If you click on the name you get to the properties of the newsletter. So you can change name and info there.

At the end you see two icons:

If you click on you get as well to the properties of the newsletter.
is right now without function. But it will be possible to delete the newsletter later.

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Article created: Sunday, 5. December 2004
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011