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Read Message

and answer

When you receive a internal message, you see after you logged in the system this symbol

in the upper red line. Now you have two possibilities to read the massage. Either you click on the symbol or you click in the same line on "Message".

Message overview

After you clicked on one of these possibilities you get to the message overview. There you can see who send you a message and what the subject is. At the right you see two icons.

The first icon  pass you throught to the reply-page.
The second icon deletes the message. Deleted messages won´t be deleted irrecoverable, but transferred to the folder “deleted”.

If you click either on the sender of the message or the subject you can read the message.

Read message

Here you can read noow the massages. Beneath the massages you find 4 icons. 

These are the meanings or the single icons. 
close the massage
Create a new message without reference to the message you are just now reading.
attant to the answeringpage
    deletes your message

Answer a message

here you can answer to a message.It woks the same way as write message. The only difference is, that you don´t have to choose a reciever.

Article created: Saturday, 27. November 2004
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011