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Create new structure

create sitestructure

To create a new category click in the site structure overview which will take you to this form.

Field descriptions

Field Name Description
Structure Level Title Decide here the title of the level.
Alias of the structure level

Here you can decide the alias of the structure level, this will be needed  for the direct call of the level.

Example: www.your_domain.tld/index.php?alias

When you use Rewrite, also the page title will be created out of the alias.

Example: www.your_domain.tld/alias.phtml

Page title  You can also create a seperate page title. It will then be shown in the title bar of the browser (only in article list mode available). You can define in your template under "Add title" what will be shown in the title bar.
redirect to: Here you can redirect to an other structure or to external content.

When you want to redirect to internal content, the recommended way to use is the following tag: {SITE}

When you want to redirect to an external site, please simply insert the URL of the external site, followed by a _blank. 

Please use always for internal redirect the following notation: index.php?your_alias
Description of the structure level: Here you still can insert for other authors a decription of the level. It is not visible for visitors of the site. 

You can also create a seperate description. It will then be shown in the meta description field in head area if there is no "description:" text available in "article basis information".
Priority: 1 Article basis information, 2. Site structure

If you have more the one article in a category (article list mode), the information from the site structure are used.
Template: Chosse here what template shall be uses for the new structure.
Settings: Here it is possible to choose an other template for the whole appearance of the site. There is the file "custom_settings.php" in "template/inc_settings/template_default/". This file contains the same values as the conf.template_default.php, that you can find in the config folder of phpwcms.

Please notice that when you make changes to "
custom_settings.php" you should rename the file, because when you make an update the file could be overwritten.
Top article count: Here you can say, how many articles with summary shall be shown on the page. The standard is "-1" and means that all articles with summary will be shown in this level.

If you want to use the pagination, you need to add the number of articles that you want to add into this structure. If you let the "-1" as value the pagination will not work.
Pagination: It is possible to paginate one or more articlec to more pages.

According to the value that you insert into the field "articles per page" you can decide, how many articles per page will be shown.
Order of assigned articles:

Here you can decide, with which sorting the article with summary will be shown.

The following settings are possible:

manually (Arrow up/down)
Date of creation
Date of change
Start date
End date

Article title

Furthermore you can define the sequence by choosing


Content Part Selection: Here you have the possibility, to decide as administrator what content Parts are available in this level. When you don't choose anything, all content parts will be shown.

Choose the corresponding content part in the left window and add it with . To delete it press .
Frontend menu status Here you have two choices: 

invisible: By checking this setting, this structure will not be shown for visitors

visible, if active:

visible only for logged users: Not functional at this time
Cache By checking this setting this page will not included in the cache function. Otherwise you can define, after what time the page will be rewritten into the cache. Possible values are: 1min to 1 month.
Search Here you can define, whether the article content shall be included in the search.
The standard is, that the content can be found. By checking this function the content will be excluded in the search.
visible / public For making the structure visible for visitors, please check visible and public.
SSL For using SSL you need an SSL certificate. When you already hav a certifikate, please change to needed entries in (config/phpwcms/) in item "// dynamic ssl encryption engine"
Sitemap When the article shall be shown in the sitemap, please check here.
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