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Graphical Text Mod


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The Graphical text MOD is an expansion which enables it you to show to the running time by means of Replacement day text one format firmly defined previously. The special at this method is, use can that it each Truetype Font to form around therewith headings or navigations. The desired text becomes generate replaced with one of phpWCMS graphics. In order to diminish the load for the web server, the system over a cache, that orders generate stores once graphics and newly loads then in renewed proclamation. 

On the following sides, you get a short survey over the functional method of this MODs, which was integrated previously as most only firmly in phpWCMS.

When you click on Modules and than Graphical Text MOD you can start to define the font, color and stile.

Please pay attention, that you have to following conditions:

  • Trutype type (*.ttf) must be loaded per FTP into the file include/inc_module/mod_graphical_text/inc_fonts/ .
  • The subfolder gt has to exist in the folder /content and setted by CHMOD on 777.

Define Fonts

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After having uploaded fonts into the folder indicated above and after having clicked on Fonts you see the fonts that might have setup before plus you now font upload with the remark: not yet added.

Click on Schrift hinzufügen to add your font to the system. 
Name: Real name of the font.
Shortname: Shortname of the font
Add: Accept these data and add to the system
Cancel: Discart all changes.

After clicking Add you return to the overview and you will see an example of you newly added font.

Article created: Tuesday, 19. October 2004
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011