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Content Part "Newsletter"


The following are the steps to set up a newsletter subscription page on your phpwcms installation.
We begin with an overview of all the fields, describing their uses. Secondly you will find an example Newsletter Template which you can use to copy and paste entries into your form fields to quickly get set up. You will want to make changes to the wording of these entries to best reflect the content of your site.

If you plan on creating more than one newsletter theme I.E. a newsletter for widget subscribers, and another newsletter for gadget subscribers; the first step is to create these in your backend from Message -> Newsletter Subscriptions. If you are only going to have one newsletter for both widgets and gadgets this step is not required.

To begin create an article in your directory structure where you will want a subscription page to appear. Then Create a newsletter content part to append to that. In the newsletter content part you will see the following forms that need to be filled out.


info text: Type in the description of the newsletter, as it appears to the public, i.e. "A weekly newsletter about the benefits of widgets."
subscription: If you have created more than one newsletter select which one this subscription form applies to.
label email: Type the field description for ’email-address’. This is where you ask the user to add their email , it might read "your e-mail" .
table align: Decide the alignment of the fields, as they are to appear on the page. The default is left , right is also available.
label name:
Type in here the field description for subscribers name i.e. first name, subscription nickname, username .
button text: Compose the text for the submit button i.e. sign in, or subscribe now, or sign-up .
label subscr.: If you are offering more than one newsletter compose the text that asks the user to choose which newsletter subscription they are signing up to, i.e. please choose, select a newsletter, your choice.
all subscr.: This is the description text for the box that selects all available newsletters, i.e all, all of the above, subscribe to all.
success text: Compose the text for the confirmation page that the visitor will be re-directed to after they have subscribed successfully. Compose the text for the e-mail-confirmation the subscriber will receive after subscribing. To personalize the email you use following placeholders.
{NEWSLETTER_NAME} displays the name of the subscriber. {NEWSLETTER_EMAIL} shows their email address. This form must contain the following verification link placeholder: {NEWSLETTER_VERIFY} and the place holder to unsubscribe {NEWSLETTER_DELETE}. Compose the text for the unsubscribe-email. The previous placeholders can be used to personalize this email as well.
This form is used as text for an email sent to the user if they should make any changes to their subscription. The personalized placeholders can of course be used here too.

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