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Content Part "File List"

Content Part "file list"


files: Here appears the files you select, which will be presented to the viewer in the form of a list available for individual download. You can select, delete, and exchange the order of the files with the following symbols:

Click, in order to open the phpWCMS file browser (for further information, see the section "the phpWCMS Browser") and select a file.

In "files", select the name of the file to be shifted and then click on one these symbols, in order to shift it’s position upward and/or downward in the list of files.

Click, in order to remove the currently selected file.

description: Here you can add a description for each file, which will be displayed beneath the link for the file. Put each file’s description on a new line. Please be sure to consider the order in which the files are sequenced under "files" so that the correct description matches its file.

Since version 1.2.6 there is an additional selection field.

Under template you can create templates for the content part "Plain text". With this possibility you can create several templates for different parts.

You can find a standard template under

a. since version 1.2.9:

b. until version 1.2.8:

Only a person with access to the server/webspace can change the templates.

Notice for Templates:
This content part has an own template. It is recommended when you change the standard template to rename it and to use the renamed template. Then you do not have any problems with an update and your template will not be overwritten.

Article created: Wednesday, 25. August 2004
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011