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Login to backend

Overview and Preparation

Image 1 * Login Screen

phpwcms characterizes for its simple handling, its clear structure und the clear division of administration and compilation.

Before adding or changing web content, you have to login. Insert in your browser the address or if you have installed phpwcms in a subfolder Then you should see the login screen (Image 1).

When you have installed phpwcms by yourself, please use then the data of the created account.

Image 2 * Screen after login

After the login you will come to the Administration level (Image 2):


In the left column you can see all logged-in users (in this case „admin“). In the area above you can see the main navigation with the areas „Home“, „Article“, „File“, „Communication“, „Chat“ and „Profile“, "Admin" which will be described here. Also you have the possibility with „Logout“ , to leave the administration level at any time.


You can only see the area "Admin" in the main area of the main navigation if you have an account with administration rights. In this area you can define the structure and the design of your website.


Since version 1.2.9 you can also see the last edited articles and content parts directly after the login. Furthermore you have the possibility to create an article directly by pressing "New article". By pressing "Article center" you can go to the article center.

At the end of the titles "Article (last edited)" and "Content Part (last edited)" you can see a field with a  5. By changing these two values you can define by yourself how many articles or content parts shall be shown in this overview..

Article created: Monday, 23. July 2007
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011