File Administration

Administrating and Adding of Files

View of File Manager after the installation

In the built-in file manager it is possible to upload images, files and document in a very simple manner. The files are then available in the different article levels.
The file manager uses a windows-look-a-like file structure. So you can create your own folders, give access for all editors or only for yourself and simply upload files from your harddisk.


Standard documents (Word, PDF) are marked with a corresponding icon, pictures in all known formats are shown with a thumbnail. try it, the file manager can be used very simple. 


Upload Button
Click here to upload a file into the root directory.
Verzeichniss anlegen
Click here to create a new directory.
Englische Hilfe
Click here to see a (english) legend of all symbols.
Alle Verzeichnisse aufklappen
Click here to enhance all folders.
Alle Verzeichnisse zuklappen
Click here to collapse all folders.
Thumbnails ausblenden
Click here to get a list of all files (without thumbnails).